Code Breaker Codes for Pokemon Ruby

Pokemon Ruby Version Code Breaker Cheat Codes For Nintendo Game Boy Advance

Master Code [North America]


Master Code [Japan]

97726CAE 9184
B85E5A77 0386

Access Your PC [North America]

Use this code to access the PC from anywhere with A+R+Up

338A5963 7FF6
55103AD7 0306
338A5963 7FF6
4670BA95 170C
338A5963 7FF6
9E5A351E 7F62
338A5963 7FF6
158334C2 082F
338A5963 7FF6
75C138C2 0827
338A5963 7FF6
56CD5802 1CAD

Change the Player’s Name [North America]

Change your name by viewing the Trainer Card.

F9A45FEE 0326
71E44FEF E167
9BD4AA0C 9005
71593CF7 EA76
DA18266D B6D6

Complete Pokédex [North America]

The following code completes your National PokéDex upon use.

8B4DD034 54A1
533A3DB3 7FD9
8F76DA15 170C
64A2B94C 6BE1
DF983606 1585
FC0E4912 436A
DF983606 1585

Fast Egg hatching [North America]

(Will hatch within 5-10 steps):

Infinite HP [North America]

Use this code to give your Pokémon Max HP.

830043B6 03E7

Infinite PP [North America]

This code gives all of your Pokémon’s moves infinite PP.


Max Amount of Money [North America]

This code gives you the maximum amount of money in the game.

82025BC4 E0FF
82025BC6 05F5

Max Attack [North America]

This code gives your Pokémon Maximum Attack.

830043BA 03E7

Max Defense [North America]

This code gives your Pokémon Maximum Defense.

830043BC 03E7

Max Special Attack [North America]

Use this code to give your Pokémon Max Special Attack.

830043C0 03E7

Max Special Defense [North America]

This code gives your Pokémon Maximum Special Defense.

830043C2 03E7

Maximum Speed [North America]

Use this code to give your Pokémon Max Speed.

830043BE 03E7

Quick Level Gain [North America]

The following codes allows your Pokémon to grow faster.

8855D2F0 0807
BFF831C2 7DD9


344D401A A8A5
3441201A A825

Rain Maker [North America]

Press L+R to make it rain anywhere in game

30DB5927 62F0
53322E3B 2F0D
30DB5927 62F0
533E4EBB 3F8D
30DB5927 62F0
075CC298 1DD4
30DB5927 62F0
54722E5A 095C
30DB5927 62F0
57322E9A 1D5E
30DB5927 62F0
0381B2A5 965D

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  1. Dude, it crashed my whole thing. I have to restart because it broke the game literally with the master code. Wtf is wrong with you. I have to literally delete the whole system and redo it. Drink bleach.