GameSpot Theatre @ PAX Aus 2018 – Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Hitman 2, and more!

Enjoy PAX Aus from the comfort of your own home with GameSpot Theatre! We have a swath of panels to inform and entertain you all weekend. Featuring Hitman 2, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Pete Hines from Bethesda, and more! For the full schedule visit:

Friday, October 26 (All Times Are AEDT)
11:30 AM – The Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Panel
1:00 PM – Let’s Hack A Video Game!
2:30 PM – Voice Actor Showdown
4:00 PM – Hitman 2: Six Million Ways to Die…Choose One
5:30 PM – Zelda Universe Presents: Ocarina of Time, 20 Years Later

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