Code Breaker Codes for Pokemon Emerald

Pokemon Emerald Version Code Breaker Cheat Codes For Nintendo Game Boy Advance

Master Code [North America]

This code must be turned on in order to use all other codes.

00006FA7 000A
1006F5CC 0007

Instant Win [North America]

Hold R while attack the opponent’s Pokémon to instantly win the battle.

74000130 02FF
8202479A 0000
8202479C 0000
820247FE 0000
82024800 0000
82024862 0000
82024864 0000
820248C6 0000
820248C8 0000
8202492A 0000
8202492C 0000
8202498E 0000
82024990 0000

Max Coins in Coin Case [North America]

The following code gives you the max number of coins in the coin case for the Game Corner.

82002DEC 270F

Maximum Stats [North America]

Use the following codes to make each Pokémon in your Party have max stats.

1st Pokemon

82024542 03E7
82024544 03E7
82024546 03E7
82024548 03E7
8202454A 03E7
8202454C 03E7
8202454E 03E7

2nd Pokemon

820245A6 03E7
820245A8 03E7
820245AA 03E7
820245AC 03E7
820245AE 03E7
820245B0 03E7
820245B2 03E7

3rd Pokemon

8202460A 03E7
8202460C 03E7
8202460E 03E7
82024610 03E7
82024612 03E7
82024614 03E7
82024616 03E7

4th Pokemon

8202466E 03E7
82024670 03E7
82024672 03E7
82024674 03E7
82024676 03E7
82024678 03E7
8202467A 03E7

5th Pokemon

820246D2 03E7
820246D4 03E7
820246D6 03E7
820246D8 03E7
820246DA 03E7
820246DC 03E7
820246DE 03E7

6th Pokemon

82024736 03E7
82024738 03E7
8202473A 03E7
8202473C 03E7
8202473E 03E7
82024740 03E7
82024742 03E7

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