Code Breaker Codes for Pokemon Sapphire

Pokemon Sapphire Version Code Breaker Cheat Codes For Nintendo Game Boy Advance

Master Code [North America]

This code must be entered in order to use all other codes.


Complete Pokédex [North America]

This code makes it so that you have a complete National Pokédex.

82026B00 0302
32024EBE 00DA
32026A5A 00F0
00000034 0002
4202606C FFFF
0000001A 0002
420291C0 FFFF
0000001A 0002

Complete Trainers’ Eyes [North America]

This code completes the “Trainers’ Eyes” section of the PokéNav.

420269F8 FFFF
00000029 0002

Day Care [North America]

Free Day Care

8202E8CE 0000

Eggs Hatch Faster

320287EA 00FE

Easily Catch Wild Pokémon [North America]

This code makes it so that all wild Pokémon have a 100% catch rate.

72024C10 9EB7
32024C10 00C2

Fast Music [North America]

This code makes it so that all the music in the game is sped up.

330073A0 00C8

Infinite Money [North America]

This code gives you an infinite amount of money in Pokémon Sapphire.

82025BC4 E0FF
82025BC6 05F5

Infinite PP [North America]

This code makes it so that all of a Pokémon’s moves have infinite Power Points.

42024AA4 FFFF
00000002 0002

Item Codes [North America]

Infinite PC Items

42025BCE 0063
00000032 0004

Infinite Items

42025C96 0063
00000014 0004

Infinite Berries

42025E66 0063
00000014 0004

Infinite Key Items

42025CE6 0001
00000014 0004

Infinite TM/HM’s

42025D76 0063
00000014 0004

No Random Battles [North America]

This code makes it so that you can’t run into wild Pokémon in Grass/Caves/Water.

8202E8C0 0000

PokéBlock Codes [North America]

Have all PokéBlocks at Max Level

42025F2C FF01
0001000E 0008

PokéBlocks have No Feel
42025F32 0000
0000000E 0008

PokéBlocks have all Traits

42025F2E FFFF
0000000E 0008
42025F30 FFFF
0000000E 0008

Quick Level Gain [North America]


72024A64 0001
82024BEC 01F4


320287E2 001F
320287E6 001F

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