The Big Score – Battlefield Hardline: Robbery’s Squad Heist Gameplay Trailer

The criminals blow open the Museum in an orchestrated effort to make it out with the Big Score. The cops get the call and hit the scene equipped with new weapons and gadgets to stop them dead in their tracks. Can the criminals make it to the escape copter in once piece with loot in tow? Will the cops recover one of the Museum’s most valued artifacts and become the city’s heroes?

In Battlefield Hardline: Robbery, the top gangs are drawing up plans, stockpiling gear, and risking it all to pull off the boldest, craziest heists ever.

The theme of Robbery is the Big Score: how to steal it, or how to stop it. The new maps and game mode in Battlefield Hardline: Robbery are designed to let criminal teams plan and execute the perfect heist; or, for law enforcement, to get the crooks in cuffs before they can pull it off.

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